Saturday, 15 July 2017

Back to blogging!

I find it quite complicated to find the appropriate time to write lately. I sometimes feel as if my life had come to an abrupt halt when I moved to India and, now that I am back to Spain, it had resumed exactly where it was - perhaps with some obvious changes. 

When I was in India, I found it hard to write on this blog because of the vast amount of activities I had planned for every week, not to mention the fact that we, as volunteers, worked from Monday through to Saturday. Besides that, and as I have mentioned a couple of other times, the Internet connection was evidently not as good as it is in Spain, making it even harder for me to actually sit down and write. As a matter of fact, there were so many things in my mind, going on at the same time, that it was hardly impossible to focus on writing. The fact that my computer broke down some months before my volunteering programme was over did not make things easier at all - and nor did the fact that I was left without a laptop. So, I had to decide to stop writing for such a long time that I now have too many things to say to and share with whoever wants to read them - all of them being, of course, about travels. 

However, I do not want to start 'rambling' before I thank, once again, all the people who visit my blog regularly in search of some useful information to use when travelling to the destinations included (or maybe not yet) in this blog. I would also like to apologize to all of you, for I know - as a blog reader that I also am - that it is really annoying to open a blog and see that its proprietor has not written anything in the ridiculously exaggerated amount of time that seven months imply. To all of you, thank you and, above all, sorry. 

As I have said more often than is actually needed, I am currently in Spain. I had to come due to a family situation and I am going to be here for, at least, one more year. During this time, I hope to be able to find a job as a teacher (yeah, that's what I do, that's who I am) and combine it with some freelance translation tasks as well as more travelling. And, since I am a planner, I will also start planning some future adventures that I have in mind and which will allow me to work and travel at the same time. Being a professional blogger? Not yet, but I would like to keep this blog alive while travelling for the purpose of being a teacher somewhere else. I was thinking about Canada for one or two academic years, then maybe Ethiopia for one year, the Philippines for one more year and, finally, back to India for some more years. And, in between all that, volunteer in Tanzania and Peru, and travel to Bolivia and Thailand. Oh, and, of course, Mexico with my besties next year to celebrate our 30th birthday. All that besides some shorter trips to some other European countries, of course! Hahaha What do you think? Too optimistic, am I not? For now, I can only say that these are just ideas, something to think about. However, they are long-term goals that I intend to achieve - one way or another.

Before I move on to write about Bratislava, the following post that you are going to read, I will happily announce that I was interviewed by the local magazine about my experience in India (both the year that I spend volunteering and the other six months that I worked there) a couple of months ago. It was a brief explanation about some of my feelings and experiences and how those shaped me into being who I am today. 

Without further ado, let's blog! 

Have a wonderful day,

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